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You’re looking in the sky,
The ocean of darkness…
The blackest superstar
Thrust at the heart of Hades /heidi:z/
You have your single room –
The hotel of hell
Has plenty of the gloom,
It sounds the death knell…

The uncertainty/ a jumble/ the chaos of fates
Only darkness awaits…

Your fear’s justified –
Here comes the host himself
And his inviting smile
Provides your heart with hell
And your submissive soul
Is hopelessly trapped…
So you’re imposed a toll
And you’re forever kept.

The devil is the chief,
His power is great,
You are the weakest leaf,
You are to take the bait.
You cannot win, no way,
‘cause you have made your choice.
There is no sense to pray,
Nobody hears your voice…

The only thing you do
As you have learnt the verdict –
Eulogize voodoo,
Just crying “Murder! Murder!”
Plunge into mortal sins,
In search of peace of mind…
Your body is in pins
And needles are not kind.

The darkness covers all,
You can’t escape the blow.
The world consists of walls,
And ghosts run the show.
They broke their oath:
The messenger of light
Is dying in the throes,
So you can fix the fight.

Eternity awaits…
The huge, blood-red cocoon
Is lurking at the gates
Destroying the lagoon.
No hope to save your ass,
Naïve and stupid child,
Perform the final mass –
The world is running wild…


from Lemur Of The Nine, released December 5, 2009




Refawn Saint Petersburg, Russia

Formed in 2007

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