Lemur Of The Nine

by Refawn

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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Blacklight studio (Kiev, Ukraine)

Andry - Bass. Voice
Dorian - Guitar
Kisych - Drums


released December 5, 2009




Refawn Saint Petersburg, Russia

Formed in 2007

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Track Name: Darkness

You’re looking in the sky,
The ocean of darkness…
The blackest superstar
Thrust at the heart of Hades /heidi:z/
You have your single room –
The hotel of hell
Has plenty of the gloom,
It sounds the death knell…

The uncertainty/ a jumble/ the chaos of fates
Only darkness awaits…

Your fear’s justified –
Here comes the host himself
And his inviting smile
Provides your heart with hell
And your submissive soul
Is hopelessly trapped…
So you’re imposed a toll
And you’re forever kept.

The devil is the chief,
His power is great,
You are the weakest leaf,
You are to take the bait.
You cannot win, no way,
‘cause you have made your choice.
There is no sense to pray,
Nobody hears your voice…

The only thing you do
As you have learnt the verdict –
Eulogize voodoo,
Just crying “Murder! Murder!”
Plunge into mortal sins,
In search of peace of mind…
Your body is in pins
And needles are not kind.

The darkness covers all,
You can’t escape the blow.
The world consists of walls,
And ghosts run the show.
They broke their oath:
The messenger of light
Is dying in the throes,
So you can fix the fight.

Eternity awaits…
The huge, blood-red cocoon
Is lurking at the gates
Destroying the lagoon.
No hope to save your ass,
Naïve and stupid child,
Perform the final mass –
The world is running wild…
Track Name: Mirror of reality
Mirror of Reality

The ashes Lie upon
Pompei, not a sign
Of life you notice “dear friend”
When you are mine.

Fright of death and smiles of night
Will forever be your might.

A feeble beam
Will not dissolve the dark,
The copulators fight...
Oblivion will fuck...

The laws of the gods rotting unfailingly
Life on the earth is reflected in hell
Whatever you do, hell embrace’s the world,
Imitation of happiness is erasing the knell.

...But time is a healer.
Forget contemplation...
And where is the way?
You always get lost...

Like a mirror, like a pod..
The reality is god.
Track Name: Caligula

I know, you who frowns down,
In feeble grin who s hiding dread and pain,
Put into death all hopes, up them blow
And wishes turn into the ashy rain.

I see your heart deprived of joy and favour,
I see your mind deprived of dreamy flight.
This world of yours denies all kinds of flavour
Which you can taste when you re in love and light.

This world of coldness stays away from fire,
It turns away both ecstasy and thrill,
No space in it for anguish and desire,
Just emptiness and darkness spill
Track Name: Flame

In the sky and under water –
Field of Mars is everywhere.
Warriors of mighty armies
Don’t want to make it up.

Shine and dark, the blood is running,
Gnash and clack, the swords are sharp.
Angels fight defeating demons
Demons fight against the light.

But the battle will be finished soon
Blood is split, you are to meet you doom.

Flame of hundreds candles blazing...
Dying hard and no remorse...
Executors killing victims...
Forse is helpless in the false.

Battlefield is full of bodies,
Skies and hell are full of souls
Earth is empty, turning faster,
And your phone has not calls.
Track Name: Joseph Curven
Joseph Curven

Slay with your smashing glance,
Tear to shreds at once,
Don’t fear those fat chains
In the black house of rains!
The dwelling’s full of the noise,
Whisper, swearing and screams,
You’re not to hear just one voice –
The voice of radiant dreams…

And in the dark of the pad
Make out hundreds of eyes –
Their owners are dead,
Just your soul never dies.
The hands of those are free,
They are not put into chains,
You have uprooted their tree
And they bring only death
And they bring only death
And they bring only death
And they bring only death
And they bring only death

Came down to the hell doors!!!
The choice of evil is yours!!!
Track Name: Spell

You break the laws of real and unreal,
You hide the truth from uninvited guests
Yielding to the demands of your imagination
You rule the universe of wishes, dreams, and matter,
You catch admiring looks of slaves and vassals.

Your magic is the art…

… Of pomegranate color’s the island juice,
The melted sun’s the glaze that flows slowly down…
The moonlight is forecast…
Just taste the night and see the light at last…
Through rain that trembles,
Unfaithful candlelight,
And through the misty, shaky train of clouds
See and possess. Foresee…

It’s said and known that the time will come
When phantoms die and shadows disappear,
The spell is broken,
But meanwhile
The candlelight is bright and twilight gets together
Both friends and slaves around the ghostly table
This moment, here…
Who knows about the future?
Track Name: Breath of the canvas
Breath of the canvas

Paints from the canvas crawled to the floor,
The picture is dying, it can’t live anymore…
The colorful mass is like a bodiless soul,
The painting is playing its deadly role…

The canvas becomes the grave of the painter,
The breath of the picture is fainter and fainter.
The cause of the death’s the master’s sell-out,
And no one can help when you are knocked out…

The shrouds are cursed when the killer’s the devil,
And angels are crying when fiends want to revel.
Spirit of darkness has cast his spell,
Demons invite you right into Hell.
Track Name: Endowment (Root cover)

Through the dark night silent song fly in
With an antique story enweaved
Old man's voice only whispering with the Wind
As string of lute shiver.

In olden days happened
Those dark gods sent to man a gift
Which nobody understand, which nobody want
Gift really singular, sovereign.

Long since in dust turned
Last who knew it and dreamt of it
Northern winds to its southern brothers
Only sings and blows of him.

Through barren hallway of ruined castles
In deep woods, in diadems of trees

Sounds woeful song of oblivion
About what was and might be

Withheld was gift, oblivion is
Voice shivers as string of lute
Elves sings about man who were scorn
With Blessing of intellect to its children

Only gales, rock and deep woods know....

I am going out of the silver shadows, sitting down dazed under the tree,
I see stark land, empty souls, silence fall around.
Lad and gal hold on to their arms and go away through bloody dew, do you hear?